Real life
training ready

LION ChimerX,
real life training ready units

Fire training is never just training. Which is exactly why LION ChimerX is never just a fire training unit.

It’s 100% ready for your department to step in and become the best firefighters they can be.Your firefighters can enter any rescue scenario imaginable. To experience and learn what they need to do when a certain situation arises. With ChimerX, they can train every single detail on any desired level. Every type of flame. Every rollover or flashover. Ready to work more efficiently and effectively. Prepared to act immediately.  Train your firefighters the way you know is best.

Turnkey solution
Built to last
Sturdy safety network
User friendly
Flexible training opportunities

Three fire technologies designed to fit every training need

Digital<br>Fire Technology™

Fire Technology™

LION ChimerX’s patented Digital Fire Technology™ provides comprehensive hands-on training using self-generating digital flames that respond directly to the trainees’ actions. The integrated sensors detect water application to which the flames and smoke respond automatically.

Gas-based<br>Fire technology

Fire technology

Gas-Based Fire Technology is an integral element in LION ChimerX’s fire and safety training simulators. Gas-based fire is an ideal training resource for any fire brigade, training centre and industry and can be used to accurately simulate nearly any fire behaviour.

Carbonaceous<br>Fire Technology

Fire Technology

For fire training requiring wood, LION ChimerX provides two different solutions: the traditional wood-based training system or our LION ChimerX hybrid fire technology using wood and gas to power your fire training with assisted gas ignition and a water deluge system.